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Istria is the largest peninsula located in north-west of the Adriatic Sea that represent treasure of diversitycombining in a harmonious way rich green meadows, fertile land and a long and picturesque coastline with many islands and bays. Due to its geographical location is easily accessible from all parts of Europe but also thanks to the mild Mediterranean climate Visitors have the chance to enjoy it throughout the year. There are only few places that can offer you so many things at once. The turbulent past left its signs and influenced today's cultural heritage of Istria and the Istrian peasant gave a greater meaning.

Today, Istria is a tourist paradise with an offer that is based on its beauty and a rich variety of accommodation on the coast and inland and many interesting contents suitable for all ages.

Lately Istria promote rural tourism as a new form of tourism that attracts an increasing number of tourists and offers to them an authentic sightseeing tours, tastings and relaxation.


The area of Umag, similar to most of the Istrian peninsula, was inhabited since the dawn of human civilization. Forts on the surrounding hills are silent witnesses of that time.

The good geographic position during the past centuries gave to the city security in the defense of the continuous invasions of the invaders while today the city of Umag is a picturesque town on the northwest coast of Istria where's situated one of the most prestigious marinas awarded with the blue flag. The city of Umag is worlwide known as the home of the International ATP tennis tournament which is successfully carried out since 1990. The natural beauty of the city and its surroundings, the history and traditions of the old town, the warm Mediterranean climate, the favorable traffic position that provides excellent connections with the rest of Croatia, Slovenia and Italy make Umag an ideal city for the holidays and life throughout the year. To his attractiveness greatly contributes a wide range of sports, highly appreciated local cuisine and wine and olive roads.